Comment: Both Manson and Mandela were terrorists.

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Both Manson and Mandela were terrorists.

Their goals were very similar. Their intent was to terrorize THE CIVILIAN POPULATION. However, Mandela's goals were on a country-wide scale and Manson's goals was more localized, although he would have expanded his operation if he had had the means and the time to do so. Both never directly killed anyone, but they both gave the orders for their minions to kill. Manson's gang used guns and knives while Mandela liked bombs. They both targeted innocents. If Manson is released, perhaps he will also become someone to venerate and respect, like Mandela. We've got to give Charlie a chance to do the right thing. He did far less killing than Mandela. Hey, how about Charlie Manson for president! He may be an extremely good debater, and we already know all about his world-renowned charisma. I've seen that he also has a special way with the ladies, who will certainly be needed to win an election.