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Firstly, there is no evidence

Firstly, there is no evidence that Mandela specifically targeted civilians. There is not even any evidence that Mandela planned the attacks. He did not plead guilty to the acts of terrorism/disturbing the can look at your own transcripts.

The South African government merely took 153 acts of terrorism (including such acts as cutting telephone wire) committed in a five-year-span, and blamed all of them on Mandela and the other nine on trial.

While they could directly substantiate was that:

1) Mandela and his AFC members promoted communism
2) Had reached out to and received aid from the Soviet Union
3) planned to replace the South African government
4) Openly called for violent revolution (Mandela specifically saying that non-violence was no longer working).

No actual evidence that Mandela took part in or planned any attacks.

Also, Jefferson and the other founding fathers specifically targeted Loyalists...these loyalists were simply civilians.

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