Comment: You exactly reinforce my point. ...........

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You exactly reinforce my point. ...........

Presenting such evidence only magnifies your lack of critical thinking. If you were to do a thesis arguing your position with such a document, you would be outright ridiculed in any academic review. It does not even meet the minimum requirement of context.

But since you already have preconceived ideas without any factual basis, anything that comes along the way to supposedly support your false premise is readily taken in as evidence, without any effort of rigorous critique.

Had you been at the very least familiar with the work of Tome Lodge or even “Long walk to Freedom”, you would have at the very least some context.

It is as if I were to argue that Thomas Jefferson is nothing but a slave owner and only a slave owner, even though he truly is. While failing to see the other qualities of the man and contributions he has made. I would be called a myopic extremist.

It is as I have said before the Rivonia Trials (look it up, if you are not familiar – it is the minimum you should know before writing any discourse on Mandela), never charged Mandela in the context of being a “communist” saboteur. That should at the very least throw a wrench in the view supporting him being a diehard Marxist.