Comment: This is a case of neither/nor . The real issue: Free Will

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This is a case of neither/nor . The real issue: Free Will

God has given mankind free will (to a great degree, but not autonomy), and that includes the ability to defame His name by placing buildings above people, and profits (in the case of televangelists) above prayer requests. This means that He is doubly honored when we as believers give to the poor to relieve their suffering, as many truly Christian ministries do. (The most evident may be the Salvation Army and World Vision, but there are others, just google or ix quick it to find them.)

Once again, I have voted you up for a legitimate point. Now will you consider that not all who claim the Name are worthy of it? After all, some claim to follow and support Ron Paul's principles, but are really either ignorant of them, or actively opposing them, so this is a common occurence.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
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