Comment: I have never said bitcoin was unusable

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I have never said bitcoin was unusable

I simply said it is not money. It is another competing currency that bases its value off of something else, just like the dollar. The dollar started the same way bitcoin did, with the promise it won't be tampered with, that it would be worth something, and like the dollar, it's hype is the only thing supporting it.

The fact you think it holds intrinsic value of any kind, even as a "network" shows your ignorance on the history and economic expertise of such a topic.

You have simply taken a dollar, and made it(by itself) worth less than what a dollar is printed on, as it is now invisible money.

The only thing supporting bitcoin, is its value as a competing currency, and as soon as they start arresting people for using "currency" other than the US Dollar, it will end fast, and dry up.

Or as I have also said, anyone with enough money can easily corner a bitcoin market, remove a crap ton of them from existence, until their price goes up, then flood the market with them, making that one person rich, and everyone else's bitcoin plummet. In fact, the government could even do this.