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Be Positive

See, that is the beauty here, it does not take a majority, and even if a majority do not see the fatal flaw in the fiat dollar, they as were Germans will be forced into such a position.

Yes, my position is often countered with "well the dollar is the WORLD'S reserve currency - ta-dah. THese folks say this as if it could never lose such status, and truth be told it only holds this status thanks to the agreement to price OIL in dollars for international transactions.

But as more and more countries move away from this pricing regime by negotiating DIRECT treaties for trade [read: China-Aus/China-Bra] the dollar get just a tad more tarnished. Further, the motivation for these countries to negotiate their own trade agreements is the US central bank now literally "prints" money out of thin air utterly unabaded, ergo the outcome here is eventual hyper-inflation. When? I don't know a precise date. However, as this devaluation continues, more and more will look to crypto currencies or some other form of money, anywhere but the dollar.