Comment: Dec. 17 COMEX update

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Dec. 17 COMEX update

As we approach end of the year, & close of busy delivery December month, THE PLOT THICKENS.

Comex dealer inventory for the 3 major bullion banks is sinking to even lower - dangerously low levels. Without new deliveries coming in - and I have no clue where they could possibly come from - it's getting closer to an implosion point. Here it is from the horse's mouth:

Tonight, we have dealer gold inventory for our 3 major bullion banks(Scotia, HSBC and JPMorgan) with its gold inventory resting tonight at 14.148 tonnes.

i) Scotia: 289,487.821 oz or 9.00 tonnes
ii) HSBC: 78,448.078 oz or 2.440 tonnes
iii) JPMorgan: 87,071,35 oz or 2.708 tonnes

total: 14.148 tonnes

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