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Some of you ZIONIST

Some of you ZIONIST Christians need to read the words of Jesus himself. Revelations chapter 2, verse 9 and Revelations chapter 3, verse 9. Those who call themselves Jews but are not are going to be in for a rude awakening. Don't follow them down the same path.

I always had this question in the back of my head that made me seek an answer. If the Jews are Gods chosen people, then why would he put them at the heads of the murdering theiving huge banks? Jamey Dimon at JP Morgan etc. All those huge banks are hit for manipulating markets and basically stealing money from us. Then, look at the entertainment industry. Again run by Zionists but all the trash they put out with all the sex, the occult etc, does not represent God very well. And these are just a few examples. Something just didn't click... I'm supposed to be for these people. So I researched, I prayed and the answer finally came.
Zionists are not blood in the veins Hebrews. Research folks. Granger, I hope you get out of your brainwashing soon. All of us have to at some point. And yes the catholic church is in on it. THINK FOR YOUR SELF!