Comment: I'm a market anarchist and I

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I'm a market anarchist and I

I'm a market anarchist and I have all but given up hope in Rand. I supported Ron Paul and did everything I could to support his candidacy. I just wish there was someone worthy of taking the baton for the movement for the next decade or two. Rand has certainly done some good things. And I'll consider him an ally to our movement.

But if he actually has any legitimate chance of winning, it will mean one of two things. Either he has compromised his principles to the point where the GOP powers that be feel they can control him and prevent him from implementing any genuine fundamental libertarian reforms or he has actually sold out and struck a deal with the power brokers in D.C.

I want someone who is intractable. I don't want someone who panders to Israel. I don't want someone who shies away from controversial positions. And I certainly don't want anyone who dumbs down the message of liberty.

I might end up voting for Rand depending on how he runs his campaign. But pay very close attention to how the neocons treat him. If they don't attack him once he becomes a threat to win, and even praise him and get behind him you know he has been compromised.

If Rand looks like a lock to win Iowa and New Hampshire and Bill Krystol and Charles Krauthammer are not attacking him mercilessly, then Rand Paul's campaign will be no longer worth supporting.