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"yet, very humble.. very kind"

I enjoy your stories.

"Our Father, who art is Heaven.... Surely Our Father is Jesus, no?"

Hmm... I'm not really hung up on it, but Jesus said those words. Was he instructing us in how to pray to him, or was he instructing by example, leading us in prayer to his/our Father? I clearly opt for the latter. Elsewhere in the gospels he prays to his Father. If I am to do as he did/does, then I am to pray to his/my/our Father. Personally, I don't see Jesus as the Father. I suppose I agree with that Trinity video in that respect. I certainly don't disapprove of praying to Jesus, as the general thrust of all prayer is to humble oneself in reaching out to that which is greater. I choose to do it as Jesus did/does.

I realize that at some point he said "I and the Father are one", but that was not in the context of instructing us in prayer.

Not everyone that holds that perspective is as intense about it as I though. I confess to having a rather gnostic perspective on the teachings from the apostle Paul. I don't interpret Paul as teaching merely how to follow or imitate Christ, and for heaven's sake not how to be "Christ-like" [that would be a sin from the get-go], but to BE Christ. Some consider me a blaspheming freak, but hey, to each his own. ;D