Comment: I'm running for Local Office

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I'm running for Local Office

I need people who believe in Liberty and LIMITED Gov't to outvote those who just show up.

I've had the same feelings and frustration. I helped form the local Libertarian Party Affiliate in my county. I am now running as a Republican for two reasons. 1. The CCRP has been taken over by Ron Paul Republicans. 2. You don't get elected in Cherokee County unless you are a Republican.

I respect your decision to not vote, I've been there. However, I do love my community and I need somewhere in the neighborhood of 30,000 votes in order to restore Limited Gov't at the Local Level, put pressure on my State and Federal elected officials to Limit their activities, and to set the new standard by which my community measures our elected and appointed officials.

My not getting involved ensures another 4 years of bad central planning by those intending to 'do good'. I need votes to put my time, money, & experience where my mouth is.

Steve Morris
Cherokee County Commission Chairman
May 20 2014