Comment: I sometimes wonder why I vote

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I sometimes wonder why I vote

I understand why you don't vote. I agree with the logic completely and I honor your decision.

Voting is primarily symbolic. We know there is vote-counting fraud. We know the whole voting system is open to manipulation. Still, it is a small way of expressing my dissatisfaction.

I can proudly say that I have almost never voted for a winner. (I made one BIG mistake in my life and voted for a mainstream Democrat against an incumbent Republican because I believed ANYONE would be better than him. I was wrong. So wrong.)

I've considered giving up he whole voting thing. But there is a phrase that haunts me, something like: the punishment for not participating in politics is to be ruled by your inferiors.

I believe voting won't matter again until there has been a social upheaval and TPTB decide they NEED validation.