Comment: WHOA lets think about the title.

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WHOA lets think about the title.

I see a corporation controlled by ROthschild crime center create US sovereign money UNACCOUNTed in unlimited quanity then promoted as a national compounding debt to the individuals who live in the area claimed as the USA.

So give me unlimited quantities and the creation of more of your curency for a moment. Now lets look at the title again.

Fed can change how things look but not what they are.

I have unlimited money you have unlimited debt. I can both change how it looks and what it is. ANY EXAMPLE

I can do anything and make it look like what it is. Just as the ROthschild family. First I inlist one group any group. I just find a bunch of stooges that have supremist beliefs and then I feed them money.

Hell ill even call the group I fund gods chosen so they have financial evidence that they are what we state.

Now I have a big gang and can look like anything. as well as be anything. But mostly all evil.