Comment: I'm motivated to testify

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I'm motivated to testify

I knew I "should" take my money out of the regular bank but frankly, the Compass Banks in my town had THE BEST looking tellers.

Then I buy some crap on Amazon and shortly after some clowns in London go on a shopping spree with my debit card.

After years of loyal business and checking account activity and despite the fact that I alerted them of fraud within minutes, they tied up ALL MY FUNDS FOR ABOUT A WEEK which started this cascading nightmare of late fees and apologies to creditors that stings me to this day.

So about 5 years ago it was off to the credit union. The irony is I still have my visa debit cards and all the regular banking services and I'm under no illusion that this represents any sort of dramatic shift in where I store FRNs. But it's one of those little things we can do.

Arizona State Credit Union. No problems so far.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.