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By the time of Yahshua

The Jews were keeping the feasts about like they are today. They call the entire week Passover.

You say it should be Easter but the FACT is that the word the King James translators translated was Pasach.

Act 12:4 AndG2532 when he(G3739) had apprehendedG4084 him, he putG5087 him inG1519 prison,G5438 and deliveredG3860 him to fourG5064 quaternionsG5069 of soldiersG4757 to keepG5442 him;G846 intendingG1014 afterG3326 "EasterG3957" to bring him forthG321 G846 to theG3588 people.G2992

Of Chaldee origin (compare [H6453]); the Passover (the meal, the day, the festival or the special sacrifices connected with it)

As you see the word is pascha which is directly from Pesach and in no way sounds like or is associated with Easter. And again if it was Easter then why didn't the pagan Greeks just put Easter? Because it is supposed to be Pesach/Pascha/Passover.

Also it doesn't matter if you call it Pesach or Passover because they mean the same thing. Easter doesn't and never did. Even today Easter with its supposed dual meaning doesn't represent Passover.