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Comment: I am teetering ...

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I am teetering ...

...between agreeing with the minarchist devil on one shoulder and with the AnCap angel on the other, myself. :)

I'm having a hard time convincing myself that a condition of 'no government' would actually ever exist -- as long as you have two or more people agreeing to form some kind of alliance to enforce some kind of rules or code (even the NAP, or defense of property rights), and even if they can decide to pull out of it, it's still a little bit of 'governing' that's going on. And wherever there is a type of 'governing', even if it doesn't go by that name, there will always be the opportunity for someone to pick up the Ring of Power and attempt to 'use it for good'. Every act of self-defense can easily cross the line into aggression. Every effort to counter tyranny has the potential to become its own seedling of tyranny. Maybe the tiniest bit of local 'governing' is just inescapable in a fallen world, just as the need for self-defense is sadly inescapable as well.

Maybe voting now in a system you don't like is more about getting things heading in the correct trajectory -- towards less and less government, even if it can never be fully eliminated.