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For people who want to know -

You do make a good point, one that gets frequently mention. The account of the flood notwithstanding, when Moses left Egypt with the liberated Hebrew slaves he was instructed to eradicate entire towns - women, children and even the livestock. Of course, "slaughtered the unborn on a scale yet to be equaled" is a ridiculous hyperbole. But what the Hebrews did do was still pretty gruesome. It could be a question of equilibrium, that these places were socially and morally so rotten and despicable that no denizen living there could possibly ever reform, that they were a hostile threat not just to the Jews but to anyone - as you have already mentioned is the stock rebuttal to your argument - but the real dilemma is not within the hands of Moses or the Hebrews of even God. It was a knowledge of good and evil that human beings wanted from the beginning that causes them to be so destructive to one another. There would be no issue at all concerning abortion if mankind had not decided to make its own moral standards.