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I'll do my best to answer

God's Word must stand alone on His written pages!

If someone wants help understanding the Word of God ( we all should ), they should get a Strongs or Youngs concordance and maybe a commentary such as Mathew Henry for example.

The most important thing in understanding the Scriptures is to read it, often, daily and always praying for wisdom that God would open your eyes to understanding.

This is something Satan fears!

Commentaries however are the understanding of man and are subject to errors even though they may be very correct on most of what they write.

The King James Authorized Version has been around for over 400 years and has stood the test of time.
NO OTHER BIBLE in our day can make that claim. The Geneva Bible also is a most faithful version.

It is only in our day, that there are multitudes of Bible versions when in fact in reality, they mostly are Bible perversions. One such perversion is the NIV.

They say you can't understand the KJV with all those words like "Thou" and "Thee" when in fact the KJV is the easiest to memorize Bible verses because of the way it is written and it is very simple to understand.

These so called "easier to understand" Bible perversions are the work of Satan, who is succeeding in confusing and causing mistrust because of the great number of perversion Bibles being put out on book shelves and those who want to know the truth are asking, "Which one is the real Bible" or "How can I trust the Bible when many of them say something different"?

Satan is one hell of a deceiver!

The big money being made on all these so called "Better Bibles" "easier to understand Bibles" is astonishing!

These publishers of these perversions have their reward in this life....$$$.

They will get their eternal reward when they stand before the Almighty God with their hands empty, and their souls filled to the uttermost with sin.

Jesus told His disciples "When you go into a town or a house and they receive you not, shake the very dust off from your feet as a witness against them"

He is telling them, "If they receive not the Words that I give you, they are not of God and I know them not"

That also applies to ALL who believe not the entire Bible as the very Word of God and yet call themselves Christians!

Talk about an oxymoron!

Poor God, He is Almighty, He created the very universe with the power of His Word, but....He just can't seem to preserve His perfect Word in a Book, for mankind to read,believe, be blessed and be saved!

Think about this! God cannot do this? God has not done this?

They are FOOLS who believe this damned lie!

They are liars and deceivers using the name of Jesus Christ ( as He said they would do in Mathhew 24 ) in their speech, but they sow seeds of discord among the brethren, they come as "angels of light" but are ministers of Satan as it is written.

They too, will get their just reward for leading many astray from the Truth as their father the devil has had them do.

Time is quickly running down my friend, and the time to seek the Lord and the Truth of His Word is TODAY!

I may not know much, but I do know that the Bible is the very Word of God and there are but only 2 English versions that I know of that are true to the original manuscripts, and they are the King James Authorized, and the Geneva. They may differ in a couple of words here or there but nothing that major.

They are pretty much identical.

As far as translating into other languages other than English, I can't answer but to say that I know God has His Word given to all the world, both written and audible through radio ministries and missions, preachers etc. as He said He would do.

When someone REALLY wants to know the Truth, God Himself will bring them there and bring them to what Bible they should read or what preacher to listen to, and let all those who deny His entire Word of the Bible be damned as it is written.

God will save whom He will save and He ALWAYS does it through His Word, the Bible which is from Genesis to Revelation, the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

I did my best to answer and will never argue with these poor souls who deny the entire Bible as the very Word of God, for God tells us in His word to not cast our pearls before swine.


" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~