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Comment: "Murder on a scale yet to be equaled" IS accurate, IMO.

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"Murder on a scale yet to be equaled" IS accurate, IMO.

"A ridiculous hyperbole" in the total number killed as you correctly point out, but what I want you to consider is this slaughter as a percentage of the total population that existed at that time. The number of people on this planet 2,500-3,000 years ago was far less that the number alive today. Thus, the number of infants and pregnant women would also be far less. As a percentage of the total, more babies and unborn babies were slaughtered back then than ever have been since.

If you still don't accept my reasoning about this, you should at least be as incredulous as I am about this killing having occurring even if only one baby was ever killed in the name of God.

Your other point that I find interesting is this:
"It was a knowledge of good and evil that human beings wanted from the beginning that causes them to be so destructive to one another."

You are right about that, and we haven't gotten beyond that either. We bombed Dresden, napalmed Vietnam, and we nuked Japan twice. The Hebrews did some pretty gruesome things, and we are carrying on that tradition of violence.