Comment: For those who use the word God

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For those who use the word God

I ask one question: what is thought? This question may seem irrelevant, but is thought not the tool used to understand and express our understand of God? That thing we call thought, which is 'you', must be understood if one is to invoke the word God. Surely those that use this word must know the truth/nature of thought, that thing that is forever filling the mind. Thought is the dividing element, can a divided mind touch that which is undivided? Some will down vote without responding, this could only mean that there is a defense mechanism against the difficultly of looking at thought, thus there is no self-knowing. Knowing is a verb, an activity of current observation of 'what is', not the accumulation of knowledge which is dead and can never touch that which is living, and is not 'God' living, is not 'God' now? So what is the nature of thought, and what is the nature of the mind that is absent of thought? Can thought understand itself, or does its attempt to do so only cause cyclical motion like a dog trying to catch its own tail?