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Stop consuming the bread and circuses

Sports is the absolute worst mind pacifier.

(I say this with all respect for a fellow liberty lover and I apologize for the passion of it's presentation)

Spectator sports is designed to make you feel like you have accomplished something that you haven't. It's the most sad pathetic thing imaginable.

You are literally watching someone else work, someone else getting paid, and feeling like you did something. You didn't.

Along the way you are learning to think you are 'connected' to someone who dresses the same and 'enemies' of someone who dresses different.

Learning to pick sides for no reason.

If you like contests and challenge, engage in them yourself. Join a league. Play video games.

Otherwise, read, love, produce, hang, think.. hell drink or masturbate, anything is better than the dehumanizing, emasculating, adulation of the achievements of another man.