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I don't know any actual Christians who think God would in any way support the spending millions on these ridiculous buildings. Those people will have to answer to God. And unfortunately, it's the people who pour out their wallets to these idiots that cause these palaces of emptiness to be built.

Free will - it's key. If all of the idiots who give money to the pointless auditoriums pictured above would spend that money on the people pictured below, maybe things would be a tiny bit better.

Do you want to see what God approves of? Do you want to see the example he would like us to follow? There's a really great book about it; and it places great emphasis on this incredible individual named Jesus. Didn't carry a penny, didn't have an auditorium, didn't speak with just those of like-mind, and he didn't put up with the crap. Just look at what he did to the merchants in the temple. He loved everyone, but didn't tolerate sin.

Stop trying to 'pass the buck.' It's our fault that pathetic palaces for false idols are being built with our money, rather than being put toward those in need. Accept the blame. We're not in elementary school anymore - stop blaming the teacher for your bad grades.