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"Otherwise, read, love, produce, hang, think.. hell drink or masturbate"

Hey, I can multi-task. I do plenty of that stuff too, some more than others.

I don't feel like I'm accomplishing anything. So if that's the point of sports, I'm clearly missing it.

I don't feel "connected" to any of these athletes unless I know them personally. The true connection is with my friends and fellow fans. Having a few beers and cheering on our favorite team (or participating in some friendly ribbing with rival fans) is very enjoyable to me.

It's entertainment, plain and simple. Ron Paul is entertained by reading economic textbooks, I'm entertained by sports. It's just one of my many various hobbies. Sometimes life is stressful and a distraction like sports is what keeps me sane.

And if I'm watching college sports, I'm not watching somebody else get paid. Well, OK, that's questionable and a whole other debate.

I appreciate you taking the time to write this post and I respect your opinion, but you're not changing my mind. If you followed sports, you'd know that changing a Boston sports fan's mind is damn near impossible.