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I'm absolutely positive that how it would have "turned out". I don't need a crystal ball. I already understand the power structure that has us in its talons and have no illusion that any trajectory of the last 100 years would have been any different in the long run. The strategies have always been the same and they've emanated out of the collusive boardrooms of the Foundations, those entities that have grown for over 100 years at what amounts to a 5% tax rate. The only thing that changes are the tactics needed given the populac'es present state of gullibility or adherence to propaganda...and the faces of the minions they put forth...that's all.

You on the other hand seem to think the the assholes put in front of you very four years, grow on the backsides of different bodies and that they arrive in the arena of their own accord. Nothing could be further from the haven't been paying attention and you have absolutely no idea what happened to Ron Paul in the last go-around. There was absolutely nothing on the up and up from the RNC to the DNC to the media acronyms that keep you mesmerized and lulled into doltish thoughts about truth and the American Way and that Obama is more than a mere sock puppet for the very bodies that placed him in existence.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?