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That's true, and yet -

What you say is true, yet you still failed to see the point. When a prophet is given the words "thus says the Lord", it is a qualifier that they have been given information from a higher perspective than collective understanding. If this information is ever found to be faulty, the prophet would be killed (and often even if they were continually correct when the Hebrews didn't want to hear the truth, as I'm sure you are aware having read so much of the Bible.) But the accusation against God as a "murderer" through this prophetic directive is tantamount to asserting that the American revolutionary war in the colonies was nothing but murder and treason as well. Murder and treason? Yes, it happened, but why?

I can simplify it for you even more. Lets say a tiger is bred in captivity by poachers to protect their camp. The tiger will respond only to their commands and will violently attack and kill anyone who doesn't know them. When the camp is raided by police, the poachers are all killed in a firefight. The tiger is later discovered in a cage, but no one knows the commands to tame it. This tiger will be killed by the authorities.

You are only considering things from the tiger's perspective, not considering any other or broader one. What happened to the tiger was awful, yes. The innocent tiger did not deserve to die - it was merely the product of the actions of others. The same could be said of those innocents killed by the Hebrews. What the issue in perspective boils down to is a refusal to accept a perspective higher than the human moment or any authority over that perspective. This is nothing new, and I respect your individual mind, but it should be considered that this same God sent His only Son to die for all, an innocent Jesus who taught forgiveness and counsel in the wake of the severity seen by the Hebrews. Even if those who claimed to follow Jesus historically have continued to act with severity and violence, it should be remembered that the tyranny we now have within our government is not the result of "American Ideals".

Regardless, I did not say you called me either a thief or a liar. I was actually calling the Federal Reserve those things, and asserting that I am not also a thief and a liar because I had to use one of their Notes to buy a taco this afternoon. Thanks.