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" 'no government' is not an actual possible condition..."

I understand this feeling. And it is hard to imagine things that we have not seen.

But ask first: "what is government?"
Answer: "The exclusive RIGHT to use violence, theft, and kidnapping (force)."

It is that RIGHT, that AUTHORITY that we grant to government entities that is the immoral violation. It is that authority that we grant that separates "just some guy" from "a guy that can garnish your earnings, or imprison you."

So there still needs to be a "system" by which to "manage or govern" different aspects of society. So voluntaryists and anarchists do not propose "a lawless and orderless" society of bandits...

Actually we just seek to find better, more efficient, peaceful, and COMPLETELY MORAL, PRIVATE systems.

It is hard to imagine HOW any such private protection agency, private military agency, private court system... WOULD OPERATE and work.

BUT... In 1840, it would have been hard to image fossil fuel driven combines that can do the work of 2000 people!

And I don't think that I will "convince or convert" you, or change your mind. But it is hard to DISAGREE with the immorality of a state or government.

So let me give you a good starting point:

And my "anarchy playlist:"