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Excellent Post

Three months is a good short term target for basic necessities.
I believe Lawmanjed is correct, recovery could take a few years.
You should hone your gardening skills now. Most gardens here died off in August, I picked tomatoes after the second frost in October and ate the last one just a week ago. I'm still picking broccoli, carrots and onions and we have had several days with temps in the teens. Along with my seeds are enough pesticides and fungicides to produce for one season and I'm transitioning to organic methods. I have extra jars and more importantly lids for the next canning season. These heirloom vegetables supercharge the brain and body.
The Stewart Rhodes video is spot on.
I have the good fortune of living at the headwaters of the eastern US far from the big cities. My parents grew up during the great depression. I asked them what is was like living through that and they said they barely knew it was happening as they were self sufficient. Lately I have been working on rocket stove designs. Combining the old skills with the new, hopefully I can fair as well as my parents did during the last collapse.