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UPDATE: finally

I will answer a few of you all directly regarding ammunition questions in the next couple days.

For now, I am offering an Xmas special to DP'rs and I'm coming in quite a bit less expensive that I originally thought.

I have in stock:
1. 55gr. FMJ $350+ shipping for DP'rs
2. 55gr. Soft Points $370+ shipping
3. 62gr. Steel Core penetrators $390+ plus shipping (only 2,000 rnds left)

I will honor these prices through the New Year for you all! (you can find my email address there as well). I don't have a coupon code thing working yet, but you can email me to make any arrangements.

CC's okay, Money Orders welcome. Bitcoin not yet an option, I'm still on the fence about it even with all the good selling points here at the DP.

Sorry to hit and run, but I am working 16 hrs a day now that the gears are finally turning with custom reloading and getting components in.

Merry Xmas! I've been looking in a couple times a day at DP, but I don't have much to say these days that isn't already being said multiple times by others who are much more eloquent than myself.


Ammunition -- 9mm - 40s&w - 45acp - .223/5.56x45 --
Bulk Components starting this month also with 223 bullets!