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What crap ....

Right-Wing polices over the course of the last 40 years have destroyed the middle-class, and made the gap between the rich and poor higher than any other Industrialized nation in the World. One out of every three Americans now live below the poverty line.

While there were no good choices in the last Election, preventing Mitt Romney from winning was meaningful in some major ways:

For starters, Mitt Romney (like John McInsane) was a big, pro-IRAN WAR guy. Starting a War with Iran would necessarily draw in China and especially Russia -- leading to a reckless WWIII scenario spiraling out of control. So far, Obama has not taken the bait, and he has not been stupid enough to commit to starting War against Iran.

Secondly, Romney is a devotee of the Bush family, and Dick Cheney (citing him in 2012 as someone who would make a great cabinet choice). Romney is extremely close to the people who engineered the Sept. 11 (false flag) tyranny, and I firmly believe that there would have been another large scale 9/11 type of event -- had Romney been in power. Instead, with Obama, the best they could setup was just the Boston Marathon bombing event .. which lacked the sophisticated propaganda around it and scapegoating to be effective as a Foreign War justification vehicle. But if you had close friends of Romney's like Dick Cheney working in the White House (as part of Romney's cabinet), or Jeb Bush (former PNAC member) -- then something severe and extreme would have happened, and we would be stuck deep in new Warfare somewhere else (Iran, Syria, Russia), and with a renewal of human torture programs.

Finally, Romney is just a toady of the wealthy robber baron class that totally ruined this Country, and he doesn't even try to hide it in public (like most Republicans).

And the whole ObamaCare concept was modeled and crafted after Mitt Romney's own plan in Massachusetts (coming from a right-wing think tank). That's right, ObamaCare was a right-wing, corporate-profit plan, disguised as "reform", to push away any momentum behind lowering the age of Medicare.

Anyone who thinks that right-wing, Wall-Street, pro-War policies (which is all we have gotten for decades regardless of who has been elected) which has done nothing but hollow out the Country and leave behind a rising trail of rising poverty, corporate theft, bloodshed, and ignorance over the past 40 years ... is somehow a "good thing" -- needs to turn off FOXNews and Rush Limpballs and take their heads out of their butts.

And no ... Hillary Clinton is not a "liberal" either. She is a pro-War, pro-Wall-Street, right-wing lawyer for the wealthy embraced by the robber barons.


The only change in this Country could ever come from principled Alan Grayson style liberals (a very rare breed), and Ron Paul libertarians (which is also very rare -- and quite different from Rand Paul).