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not trying to mis-state

but here are your words from the last post:

"The United States of America becomes, by this Legal Fiction Fraud Tactic, a single entity of absolute, monopolistic, dictatorial, authority, or POWER. The False Front of a Voluntary Union of a number of Constitutionally Limited Republics forming a Mutual Defense Association, as a sound investment, HIDES the truth behind that false front. Gone is the Voluntary Association and in place is placed a Dictatorial Regime or Union of Legal Criminals whose Authority is believed (by the victims) to be consensual, when in fact the Association is Fraudulent, Extortive, and the Authority is invented out of thin air, as if a Thing, a Corporation, is the source of Authority, and the fraud goes even further to claim that the Corporate Authority cannot be held responsible or accountable (limited liability), which means, in real terms, that the actual corporate office holders can commit any crime with impunity."

It seems to me from reading this that you hate the Constitution. Can you explain how this is not expressing hate for the Constitution? I could have misunderstood your intent.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein