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Have a good means of travel

Pack your crap and go.

If the SHTF you do not want to be 200 miles from civilization.
The SMART people from Katrina GOT OUT!
The bigger the disaster the more important it is to get out quickly. If the stores across America were all closed for 3 months, they would never reopen.

Get a diesel truck with an extra tank mounted in the box.

You have 2-3 days max to get out of the city, Katrina was a good lesson for that. Then things descend into a nightmare quickly. Dog eat dog.

Look up distant relatives who own a farm in the middle of Nowhere'sville. Bring plenty of booze and cigarettes: these will be the new money.

Other things you want: Compass, maps, rugged well made shoes/boots, spare parts for your truck/car (fan/alt belt, fuel filter, oil filter, spare oil, spare light bulbs, etc) If you break down there will be no tow truck or mechanic. YOU are the mechanic.

Hacksaw, woodsaw, simple set of wrenches, warm clothes you can dress in layers with (chances are you are going somewhere colder than you are now).

A small utility trailer wouldn't hurt. Print out and file HOW-TO manuals on first aid, mechanical repair, electrical repair, and projects such as homemade wind and water turbines, how to make and use a still, how to construct simple wooden structures, roof repair, etc.

Lastly, don't try to live the mentality "I can last until..."

Instead, use the mentality "this is our new life"

You will be much better off.