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Who are you calling 'You Guys. I haven't killed a soul and I haven't stood for doing so.

The reformation came about because of truth being spread by the written word.

It's a stupid thing to blame ignorant people for acting in ignorance.

Today, very few can claim ignorance, but that can't be said about the masses 10+ years ago.

It's only been 10 years Jill but the pendulum has certainly turned, the bad guys have been exposed.

Edit: I see Granger here as nothing but a deceiver. As a person, I think she might have been real, but I think her account is obviously open to ideas outside her personal beliefs, and she as a person is still trying to work out. I doubt her account has ever raised chickens.

As for the reformation, it is what culminated the American idea of government. That idea is still relatively new, and the bad guys are doing everything to stop it, and have been since it started.