Comment: Have your pointy headed engineers explain this...

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Have your pointy headed engineers explain this...

Imaginary gash? Then how is it a solid shape can fold on one side but not the other. Note the upper NE corner is falling toward the camera, creating a vertical fold of the north face, yet the SW corner is not distorted. In order for the fold to occur, the SW corner would have to distort toward the east. Note how the NE corner is leaning from the ground outward. Only a verticle breach of the south face can account for this. It's called corroboration of the photo evidence of the gash.
WTC7 Fold Anotated
Note the fold began at onset:
7 Shiftannotated
And if you are going to say it's not a fold, but a kink in the roofline, save your breath. A front on view shows no kink:
No Kink

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