Comment: clash of age groups

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clash of age groups

i think this is part of this

young people , being exposed to bi-racial, gay,, more disease stuff, allergy, diabetes, obesity are naturally more accepting

where as many in there 50's and older are from a different era, with different views,,, which die hard

for instance,,, I take my grandma shopping to avoid her driving

when out,,,, she constantly points out morbidly obese and says "my god look at the size of that woman"
and I agree we are seeing more and more huge men and women,, but it really gets to her

last week she says, "Mexicans and blacks are taking all the jobs"
I challenged her,, first illegals can't be legally hired
second, blacks have higher unemployment than an racial group
and ask black people if they would agree with that
and I pointed out that many of these jobs are minimum wage
and asked--- are they not aloud to be hired?? should only whites get jobs?? she was dumbfounded and tongue tied,, and I could see it hit her how wrong her statement was

it seemed a preprogrammed thought,,, something she never thought deeply or critically about but somehow was engrained in her thinking
a belief from another generation

I was mad when ron paul didn't get elected-I thought it was time. But I realize we still have a huge education tour to complete before liberty can be voted in big time

Many haven't critically thought about their beliefs and standards of thinking
economic knowledge is zilch inflation, debt, credit etc
liberty is a superficial knowledge

many still have to be woken and made to go over theory
I never examined my beliefs, where they fell short,,, and have learned so much and changed
that was ron paul's biggest gift to me