Comment: A few things we are doing

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A few things we are doing

One thing I would suggest is learning herbs what there uses are,
Herbal Antibiotics: Natural Alternatives for Treating Drug-Resistant Bacteria get a good book on it.

Also Colloidal Silver Generator and you can make it cheap
here is a link but research it for yourself make sure you think it is safe.

We are out in the country so we are going with aqua phonics as food supply so we can help others as well as ourselves.

Were building a dugout greenhouse because it's cheaper.
Raising goats for milk and we are considering raising buffalo.

We are building a bio gas generator for our fuel and electric

I don't think arming ourselves is the answer I think helping each other is. That is how people got through the depression.
If we each help someone and families in need we will all
get through this together and restore our country.
So the more self sufficient we all become the more we can help each other.

If your in the city look up the 4ft garden get seeds and grow lights then you take bad weather or short growing seasons off the list of things that can go wrong.

We may get the opportunity to restore our country remove the FED
get out of the U.N. and follow the Constitution and get a Government that actually serves the people as it is meant to.
God bless America again