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I am not sure

how you can argue minarchism is not a subset of statism. Are there any minarchists who advocate for a limited form of government that is not a state? If so what limited form of governance are they advocating for? Is a constitutional republic comprised of states?

"Premise: A function of law is revenge. (It is not)"

Let us start here ... you simply state "it is not" without any rationale. I was going to cite a definition of revenge, etc. and see if we agree on terms but then I realized just because we might agree on terms that does not mean those terms generate the same images in our minds.

This is not a medium where I can conveniently illustrate and I really do not feel like going back and forth debating the definitions of words. I have already engaged in some of those debates and perhaps my mood is simply sour because I have a funeral to attend tomorrow. Looking at your reply overall I feel like what I would be trying to communicate and what you would be attempting to communicate are vastly different necessitating several images to see if we agree on anything the terms we are using represent.

For example:

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However the line does not entirely represent what law is as that would require more pictures if law means something like a system of rules which are enforced by social institutions. Nor is point c illustrated so is there even agreement on what point c is, etc.

I find it ironic as hell I am writing this comment after figuratively brow beating another poster recently for an unwillingness to debate when their ideas are questioned. But I have also been thinking alot today about another post I made earlier about providing valuable content for free. I am just kind of in a mood right now where I am like ... meh ... why don't I just write a book or start a site where I can write about whatever I want. Again, perhaps it is a close death on my mind and I am just out of character at the moment. Perhaps I will respond, perhaps I won't.