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I'm seriously considering leaving the country to the smart guys who know how to pull a red lever…you can have whoever they run against Hillary…or Hillary…rest assured, it'll be one of the two…smart guy. People like you…the lesser of two evils voters are the complete problem and exactly why nothing will ever change for as long as you draw breath enough to convince anyone that your way of thinking is somehow "righter".

My only voting strategy now is to lessen the chances of the RNC of continuing to shit on us. They will never get my vote again…just as the DNC will never get my vote again…and truth be told…didn't in the last go around. But I hoped Obama would win for reasons I've already stated numerous times below so I took up the gauntlet in defending the strategy that I whole-heartedly agreed with. I live in Maryland and Obama was a sweep from day one and never needed my support to take the state. It might have been different of Dr. Paul wasn't robbed by the very people who have you bent over the couch.

My views haven't changed since I wrote this…

But people like you shake my confidence in any meaningful awakening…every time you loosen your belt and bend over for the RNC…smart guy. It's funny how it took all you "smart guys" five years to find this blog.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?