Comment: Here is what a couple of EX gay men have to say about your quest

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Here is what a couple of EX gay men have to say about your quest

Continued. Here is what a couple of EX, gay men have to say about your question.

There are many more at this link:

This is real! I know people that have had this happen. They thought they were born gay too. God never made anyone gay. Jesus came to set us free from the curses of the law and demons. Generational spirits look for new future targets to live with, control and influence through the flesh, such as alcohol and more. One person I know had an instantaneous change after about ten years of being gay when they prayed with a sincere heart to God. It wasn't in the mind, it was an entire permanent life change. They weren't attracted to the same sex anymore after this experience. This person also had a drinking problem that went away the same time a power came over them and all the old desires went away after prayer. Some have an instant change, some take some time, but with a will to follow Christ these sorts of lifestyles just fall off people. The only way people can be free is ..... what Jesus did at the cross.

This is in no way hate, these stories on video come from ex homosexuals. It's all about PEACE LOVE AND FREEDOM FOR ALL who come to the river of life, the living water Jesus speaks about. You will never be thirsty again, when you drink from the well of life.