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Comment: You know what pisses me off...

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You know what pisses me off...

my junior high and high school years were spent as a best friend to a half-Hispanic homosexual (which was never openly admitted by him until post-high school) who was the only person who gave a genuine interest in the person I was inside. He was possibly the kindest, most genuine person I've ever known. We lost contact in 2000 but I am glad he has come out and is living as he was meant to live and love.

Phil of Duck Dynasty is free to express his views and I applaud his expression, however these really aren't his views ultimately. They are views adopted by many who follow the hateful, malevolent and maniacal Lord of the worn and spiteful doctrines of the Old Testament.

At least see this God for what It is: hypocritical, murderous, abusive and a game-changer who holds free will and love as dangling carrots of appeasement for the punishments and judgments It persuades its followers to wage, imply of and provoke upon humanity.

It's laughable to state homosexuality a sin when the historical followers to present have in representation of God organized the unprecedented genocide/slander and demise of those who were/are not aligned with a book of incredible sadomasochism and order.

But this of course is my view.

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