Comment: US Patent & Trademark Retirement is the, "Gold Standard"

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US Patent & Trademark Retirement is the, "Gold Standard"

U.S. Patent & Trademark ™ Benefits:

You'll receive a [Gold Standard] comprehensive federal benefits package... In fact... supporting your health and well-being, .. family's needs, while helping you to reach your personal financial goals. Our balanced work-life (taxpayer paid full-ride) package includes:

  • ["Gold Standard"] Comprehensive Retirement Package
  • Health care
  • Paid Overtime and/or Compensatory Time
  • 36 days off = 10 Holiday + 13 Vacation + 13 Sick Leave
  • Flexible Work Schedules
  • Job Security
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Transit Subsidy, including Metro Fare-Card

LifeCare ™:
USPTO realizes you may face worklife issues and has made available to all its employees an agency-paid benefit, LifeCare, a comprehensive work/life, which offers educational materials, personalized referrals, and an interactive web site to assist with the following issues:

  • Child Care & Parenting-Care options, centers, in-home care, child health & safety, parenting resources, backup care, etc.
  • Pregnancy & Adoption-Prenatal care, birthing options, breastfeeding, domestic and international adoption resources, raising adopted children, etc. ...
  • Education Nursery through college, financial aid, scholarships, homework resources, etc.
  • Financial Assistance - free planning, home buying, retirement, identity theft... and discounts...
  • Plus free attorney consultations on up to 3 new legal topics per year
  • Adult Care & Aging - short- and long-term care options, caregiving resources, retirement, senior health & safety, grief & bereavement, etc.
  • Special Needs-Programs, schools, and child care options for children with special needs, such as physical, behavioral or emotional disabilities Kits - Free Prenatal, Child Safety, and Adult Care Kits (for expectant parents, parents of toddlers, or adult caregivers)
  • Backup Child Care-Access to ChildrenFirst ™ backup care centers around the country.
  • Throughout the course of your employment at the USPTO, you’ll have access to 24/7 life care-giving support services mentioned above as well as prescreened referrals to care resources, educational resources, health and wellness services, as well as daily life service resources such as home improvement, automotive services, pet care, travel, utilities, and many other services.

Relocation Assistance: Moving to Washington, D.C. or the surrounding areas? ... USPTO employees can get high-quality service to help to ease the transition and minimize disruptions into their new homes with a new benefit.

Through LifeCare services, ... an agency-paid benefit can helpt... :

    Log on to and look for the “Member Login” box.
    Enter Screen Name: usptogroup and Password: login (case sensitive).

For assistance logging on, contact the Help Desk at 888-604-9565. [Not to be confused with Obamacare.]

Retirement: U.S. Federal Government employee retirement is recognized as the "Gold Standard" for retirees nationwide and worldwide. Currently it is being made even better through the efforts of the Office of Personnel Management and the Retirement Systems Modernization Program.

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