Comment: I have heard of growing tomato plants in straw bales

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I have heard of growing tomato plants in straw bales

This is the first I have seen an entire garden system using them. I see why it works so well, the straw gives plenty of aeration and root support, the fertilizer not only feeds the plants but activates the decomposition bacteria and being elevated discourages weeds and ground insects, also makes it easy to tend. Great idea, I will try that this spring.

I experimented with an unique(lazy?)way to plant sweet corn last summer. I tarp killed a 10' x 8' section of grass next to my sq ft gardens, being heavy clay I did not want to rototiller or shovel it, that's hard work, plus it brings up weeds. I used an auger that fits into my cordless 18v drill, its about 16" long and drills a 2" hole, Ace hardware has them ($12). It was easy to drill out 80+ holes, my grandsons and I filled each hole with compost, a little fertilizer and planted a corn seed in each hole. I did not expect it to do very well, I guess because it was just too easy, but all the plants grew well and I had 2-3 nice ears on each corn stalk.

I mentioned augering the entire front lawn, but wife says no, plus given current political climate I would probably get the city after me.