Comment: You already stated that my intelligence level is low.

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You already stated that my intelligence level is low.

The machinations of a cave-dweller like myself presumed that the other end of the political spectrum represented by Manning was more to your liking, namely Jackson and Sharpton. Now you say that this presumption is also incorrect and that you dislike all three black preachers whether they attack or apologize for the status quo. You wrap yourself in the mantle of libertarianism and say that you are blind to race. However, you also state that you do not like any of these preachers. You are blind, period. You say that I cannot look beyond race, yet you just discredited these three preachers, who all happen to be black. A presumed cave-dweller is one thing, but a possible racist is quite another.

Seeing people as individuals and looking beyond race are two different issues that are not mutually exclusive. Would MLK (Do you like him, btw? I'll presume again that your answer is yes.) have gotten anything done had he been white? Would Gandhi if he was white? If singer Al Jolson had been black and he painted his face white, just imagine the difference in reception the world's greatest entertainer would have received. Race, ethnicity, charisma, etc. are all qualities that cannot be blindly overlooked. Such things are all qualities that make up a person that should not to be mechanically and obligingly discounted. They should be embraced. These characteristics are part of what make that person unique and an "individual!" Think about that, if time permits. Alright, I'm headed back into my cave now to watch another episode of "Cops." I am again making the presumption that you know that I don't watch this program, and I was ending with a little levity. Peace and prosperity.