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Of course it's flawed as are all views of flawed men...

"It's laughable to state homosexuality a sin when the historical followers to present have in representation of God organized the unprecedented genocide/slander and demise of those who were/are not aligned with a book of incredible sadomasochism and order."

Last full paragraph...I said historical followers to present, which doesn't state ALL followers as you've outlined in your response. My comparison is that some historical and present followers believe/state homosexuality to be a sin, yet they may very well be the same followers that believe the interventionism and subsequent atrocities perpetuated by intervention not to be sinful as justified under God.

The last paragraph of your response: "For the true constitutionalists, like everyone here on the Daily Paul, we know they are in fact destroying the constitution, and stretching it to fit their evil desires and intentions. And I would never for a second blame the constitution for the actions of those idiots. See the logical fallacy?"

I was not blaming the Bible for the actions perpetuated by some of its followers, I was stating the fact that it presents much to be considered when It's oldest teachings and literature circumvent the very commandments realized within it. God Itself addresses mass cleansing by sentencing man to death for his/her wayward choices and the fact that thousands of years of war and destruction have ensued since the Almighty precedents were set is not happenstance, rather aligned with the examples within the scriptures.

We are not born religious anymore than sinners and the fact that some followers cannot understand this is one reason why you will continue to hear people call homosexuality a sin, adultery a sin, idolatry a sin, fornication a sin and so on. The convenience of labeling us all sinners at birth is the gross summarization that even prior to conception the seeds of life are as sinful as the formation of the child by them. I have a rough time finding the Godliness in this.

So in essence the freedom of speech offers us a choice. It offers us the choice to speak freely but also reiterate the freely spoken words/messages of a former or original thinker. When someone states homosexuality is sinful, are they stating this because at birth they inherently believed this within their unformed and uninfluenced conscience or because along the way to their statement they were persuaded that another person's sexuality/preference was subhuman and ungodly?

See, the difference between the example of the Constitution and the Bible is this: we never needed the Constitution to tell of the rights we innately feel and foster and regard as ultimate to our humanity, it merely is the philosophy laid writ of man and in many ways an unparalleled philosophy. BUT, we did need the Bible to tell us that there are those in this world, historically to present, that are by their actions unworthy of salvation, exoneration and knowing the kingdom of the God by the "sins" we've been notified they choose to carry out.

Every child born into this world is free of the vices we harbor as human beings. Every child is in their innocence and trust eager and wholeheartedly awaiting the influence given them, whether for garnering attention or acceptance or love. As adults we actually teach our children such that when they are grown men and women that they were born of sin, are responsible for pinpointing and avoiding sin while all the while caught in a futile struggle to rise above it. How convenient that we also teach them about the free will they have to either love what they fear in sadomasochism or forever burn with a monstrous apparition/being in the voids of a Hell they were in many ways shackled to prior to their own conception.

It is the sadness in this that is flawed above all else and I am unable to speak about it without spilling my heart to you. Peace and Love.

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