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Brilliant -

This is brilliant logic, but unfortunately posturing, collective-vindication and deceit can always undermine honest diplomacy. You just have to know what you can and cannot discuss for this to work on the guy next-door. Some topics of debate are guarded and unmovable from the outset. Once you appear to show the manufactured and often subconscious signs of "racism, homophobia, right-wing-extremism, corporatism, statism, lunacy, et cetera" in your train of logic, your neighbor will no longer hear that logic and will only hear your point-of-view as an agenda. The debate will get flipped around if it continues against this wall, and the only compromises will be toward your own logic and not that of the opposing side.

Nonetheless, this is brilliant - if we all had the honor and dignity afforded to us by our human dispositions there really is no violence necessary.