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Sorry, you are absolutely, undeniably... Correct.

This is not a secret. This is like saying most black voters vote democrat. Sure, not ALL. Not by any means should an individual be pre-judged. But as a demographic, the LGBT community is LEFT-WING!

My aunt is gay, just got same-sex-married actually. Used to be a producer for CNN, years ago, I kid you not. She's also a professor at a California university. She is a hardcore democrat.

Last time I saw her, we tried having an intelligent conversation on gun-control, which she brought up. After I utterly refuted every point she tried to make, and made points of my own she could not refute, she proceeded to call me 'nuts' and attack my character. She is supposed to be a "very intelligent" liberal.

So maybe I've just had too up-close and personal a look at the hardcore collectivist mindset of the long entrenched LGBT community in the democratic party.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?