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I'm not speaking for Michael,

I'm not speaking for Michael, but I have the opposite reaction to your solution.

If there was ever a good reason to keep the Daily Paul running, and NOT shut it down, the comments in this post may serve as good reason.

When people disagree - that's a GOOD thing. Nobody here wants to continuously hear the echo of the choir. Diversity is the key to life itself, so we should welcome it instead of shun the challenge.

Freedom, love, and liberty are not exclusive to the majority.

The majority sucks. Democracy sucks. Mob rule sucks. One faction ruling over another sucks. A heard mentality wearing blinders sucks.
People failing to realize that the word, "homosexual," didn't exist until the 19th century sucks.

Thank God I don't live in Russia, or Uganda.

Thank God for the Daily Paul.

Thank God for the 10 Commandments, for those are the only things in the Bible that were literally written in stone.

I live my life according to the laws handed down by God and given to Moses, and that is my choice.

The most common sign of a good discussion is when the majority disagrees.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.