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No. Individuals either decide to support liberty or collectivism

I can maybe understand immigrants, as they probably don't understand our system, and how it works.

In what way does Ron or Rand Paul, libertarianism, and constitutional conservatism, NOT support EVERYONE's right?

What is "THEIR liberty"? How is it different than MY liberty? Isn't it all about INDIVIDUAL rights, not GAY rights, or Minority rights, etc...?

Marriage is a TERM, that for thousands of years has been DEFINED as "...between a man and a woman...".
If it is just about fairness under the LAW, then why not get rid of marriage benefits by the gov't altogether?
I support CIVIL-UNIONS! But Not the redefinition of the term Marriage... Civil Unions, despite the corrupt idiotic courts, are NOT denial of equal protection. Because there is NO LAW saying an LGBT person cannot get married!!! They just can't marry between two men, or two women... You can't marry your dog either, because that is NOT the definition of marriage!!! But just because you find the dog attractive, doesn't mean you can't get married to someone!!!

Ridiculous, collectivism designed to destroy the MORAL fabric and NATURAL FOUNDATION of our society!!!! NWO stuff... And GAYS buy into it because they pay as little attention to reality as everyone else, and are just emotionally reacting based on their FOOLISH PRIDE!!!

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?