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You don't understand. You are not getting it.

It does not matter what it means "TO YOU".

I'm telling you, legally, it is a pointless argument, achieving nothing but division and distraction.

You NEVER use either term (decriminalization, or legalization) in the written law itself!!!
ONLY if you put the term in the proposed decriminalization/legalization law itself, does the difference matter. And there is no practical difference. It's just conceptual mental-masturbation, I'm TELLING YOU...

Did you not read my post explaining how Connecticut had "decriminalized" marijuana... except they didn't...

As an ATTORNEY at LAW advising you on this subject, I'm telling you it is irrelevant!

Seriously... Propose a written law to me right now, and I'll tell you if it matters...

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?