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My Favorite plus some other great ones

My favorite:

State of the Nation - Industry (Alternative Rock)
The Lyrics correctly tell it like it is in a nutshell:
Lyrics here:
The music video here:

Here's More:

War Pigs - Black Sabbath (Heavy Metal)
Black Sabbath well known for their focus on the dark side are incredibly accurate to the point it's spooky and that it seems like they might even personally know the international bankers (who are Luciferien and are the ultimate instigators of war from behind the scenes for profit and power).
Lyrics here:
The music correctly instils the creepiness and the pall of ugliness that is war.
The Music Video Here:

War - Edwin Starr ('60s Soul)
The lyrics lay out the true meaning of war to the average person:
Lyrics Here:
The Music video Here:
Bruce Springsteen did a credible cover of this song and it is also worth watching (Rock):