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Granger, I haven't checked Wiki to see their 'today's',

definition of a Zombie. But I think Zombies are people that aren't capable of 'or don't care' about the truth. I that light, I think you are quite wrong in suggesting I'm a Zombie.

You and I were both 'baptized' Catholic at a very young age. We have both been fed a bunch of propaganda, and much of that propaganda has been done to incite hate. I don't hate you, but my patience grows weary of people that can't/or refuses to think for themselves. There is no reason for a person to be ignorant now. People are now expressing their heart.

America stood for the Protestant Principles that came about because of the Reformation. Love it or leave it. The same people that brought about Hitler, have been at work here in America, and Israel as well.

They want freedom, creativity, and respect for a personal God outside of their control destroyed.

Don't you feel a little bit ashamed at suggesting base1 is a Zombie?

Merry Christmas Granger, and God Bless you,